The ZEVEDI network pursues three equally important tasks: scientific research, transfer of knowledge into the economy and communication with politics and the public. For this purpose, ZEVEDI uses different formats and addresses representatives from science, the economy and politics & society.

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  • Innovation – Law – Ethics: The focus lies on normative issues of digital transformation.
  • ZEVEDI acts as a partner and initiator for business as well as politics and the public.
  • Cooperative content-related collaboration takes place primarily in project groups that are open to participation.


The central format for interdisciplinary research projects are agile project groups which are open to participation. Topics and focal points are set autonomously by the network.

In addition, ZEVEDI sets up short-term ad hoc projects, e.g. for accompanying research on current developments in the moving target of digitality. External funding enables science-related cross-sectoral cooperation.

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The economy

One of ZEVEDI’s key tasks is the transfer of digital knowledge from the fields of law and ethics into the economy. Transfer is understood as a two-way exchange for which various formats are used.

Companies benefit from the expertise of the growing ZEVEDI network and can participate in various ways.

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Politics & the Public

ZEVEDI generates discourse spaces and communicates with broad publics in order to open discourses with experts on digitality and democratise processes of digital transformation.

Responsible digitality is also reflected in the selection of communication media and platforms.

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