Demand and reality: The state of data protection

When the European Court of Justice declared the Privacy Shield agreement invalid on 16 July 2020, the exchange of personal data between the EU and the USA had suddenly lost its legitimacy. Privacy experts had long seen this ruling coming, since the European right to informational self-determination is incompatible with the reality of US-American data processing practices. Nevertheless, this new legal situation has confronted those responsible with a gigantic task: they must find a way to guarantee that digital transformation is possible in all areas of society while ensuring the European standards for privacy and data protection. But at this point, Germany is far from able to organise central tasks such as education and administration digitally without falling back on services that transfer personal data to the USA.

Alexander Roßnagel teaches and researches at the University of Kassel and is now a data protection officer as his main profession: In March 2021, the scientist and data protection expert took over the office of the Hessian Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. In this episode of “Digitalgespräch”, he talks about everyday work and the most urgent tasks in his office, explains possibilities and leeway for ensuring data protection and gives his perspective on upcoming challenges. With hosts Marlene Görger and Petra Gehring, he discusses the importance of data protection for a self-determined life and the balancing of fundamental rights and values that is guided by it. 

Episode 9 of “Digitalgespräch”, feat. Alexander Roßnagel, Hessian Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, 5 October 2021

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