About Us

The Centre Responsible Digitality (ZEVEDI) is a research network which actively reaches out into politics, society and the economy. It combines the scientific expertise of researchers based at Hessian universities in order to analyse the ethical and legal dimensions of digital transformation, thus contributing to shaping this transformation.

ZEVEDI identifies and discusses responsibility as a crucial yet uncertain aspect of technological development and aims at making responsible digitality conceivable as well as practically feasible. ZEVEDI engages in research projects, promotes the transfer of scientific knowledge into society and the economy and provides research-based policy advice on the topic – for a digital transformation guided by a democratic and humane orientation.

ZEVEDI was founded in November 2019 and is supported by the Hessian Ministry for Digitalisation and Innovation (Hessisches Ministerium für Digitalisierung und Innovation).


ZEVEDI introduces itself (in German)