Surveying European Research on Digitality

Duration: May 2023 until December 2023

It is well known that the process of digitisation does not take place exclusively within national borders, as it is a transnational phenomenon. Accordingly, the challenges resulting from digitization do not affect individual states alone, but arise throughout Europe, oftentimes concerning essentially the same matter. Various research institutions in Europe are already closely accompanying the search for answers to the challenges of a digital living world. These are organized differently, both in terms of the phenomena of digitisation being researched (holistic approach or concentration on individual sub-areas, for example artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data) as well as the relevant disciplines. The Ad hoc project aims to identify such research institutions that already exist in Europe as well as their significant characteristics. The resulting overview can be used to promote intra- and interdisciplinary networking between European scientists and to identify potential cooperation partners more quickly.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Christopher Rennig, Philipps-Universität Marburg | more information
Dr. Johannes Meier, Philipps-Universität Marburg | more information

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