Centre Responsible Digitality (ZEVEDI)
investigates ethical and legal aspects of digital transformation, transfers knowledge into the business community and communicates with politics and society.

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ZEVEDI project groups

Regulatory theories of Artificial Intelligence | go to project group»

AI & Finance – Innovation, Resilience and Responsibility | go to project group»

Sustainable Intelligence – Intelligent Sustainability | go to project group»

Data Sovereignty | go to project group»

Diffusion of Responsibility through Algorithms | go to project group»

RoboTrust | go to pilot project»

Ad hoc projects

Data Governance in the financial sector – New intermediaries and Gaia-X | go to project»

Accompanying research for the BMWi consortium project EuroDaT – Gaia-X based data trustee | go to project»

Changing costs to the DSGVO-compliant VC system of the Schulportal Hessen | go to project»