Exchange with the Economy

Inform – Invite – Create
ZEVEDI in exchange with companies

One of ZEVEDI’s key tasks is to impart digital knowledge from the fields of law and ethics. This is done in three ways: In addition to a coordinated transfer of research results from the virtual competence network, ZEVEDI purposefully designs spaces for a topic-related, also action-oriented exchange. Thirdly, lighthouse projects sharpen requirements for companies and politics.

We thus understand transfer as a two-way exchange. It is important for us to understand where companies currently require development of knowledge. Together we want to find ways to incorporate this into the work of ZEVEDI.

What we offer companies

  • Knowledge transfer on topics of digital responsibility (lecture, workshop, discussion format)
  • Contact mediation for accompanying research / studies / field research
  • Expert advice
  • Participation in the ZEVEDI network

Contact: office[at]

Inform: practice-oriented lectures

ZEVEDI prepares topics and information in a practical way and reports on research results in the following areas

  • innovations in the field of responsible digitality
  • practice-relevant findings from project groups and ad hoc formats
  • practice-relevant findings from the research focus on the digital transformation of the financial sector

Invite: round table & discourse spaces for Corporate Digital Responsibility

In order to initiate the exchange with business actors, to stimulate best practice sharing and to build networks, ZEVEDI conducts round tables or provides discourse spaces for ethical issues in business.

Create: joint activities in externally funded projects

To implement responsible digitality, ZEVEDI designs and implements outstanding projects with cooperation partners from politics and the economy. Two ZEVEDI lighthouse projects address the digital transformation of the financial sector:

  • BMWi project EuroDaT (European Data Trustee) in the funding programme on applications and data spaces in the digital ecosystem GAIA-X | more about the project»
  • Five-year discourse project Democracy Issues in the Digital Financial Sector together with Mercator Foundation | more about the project»

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Lecture and discussion in cooperation with StudiumPlus and Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM), 6 Mai 2022

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