Changing costs to the DSGVO-compliant VC system of the Schulportal Hessen

Duration: January 2022 until December 2022

To implement the ECJ ruling Schrems II, schools in Hesse will be required to use a DSGVO-compliant video conferencing software in the future. Such a software was integrated into the so-called Schulportal Hessen. For the schools in Hesse, this meant a change from established systems to new data protection-compliant VC software.

The ad hoc project accompanied the change at several schools and investigated which difficulties and also conflicts (“changing costs”) arose in the process. At the same time, support options were developed for institutions facing such a change. Methodically, the path of a “formative accompanying study” was chosen. In the first phase of the project, interviews were conducted with teachers at schools in Hesse. The interviews served to analyze how video conference systems are currently used at schools. In the second project phase, the interviews were analyzed to find out how teachers adopt new technologies and what challenges arise from switching to the privacy-compliant system.

The implementation of change projects or the introduction of new software is often already a difficult undertaking in companies. Schools perhaps present an even more challenging environment. Introducing video conferencing systems and switching to a privacy-compliant videoconferencing system has posed major challenges for schools in Hesse in recent years. In order to accompany the introduction process and to derive action recommendations action for a successful introduction, we have accompanied and surveyed Hessian schools. At several schools in the Kassel area, the difficulties and also conflicts (“conversion costs”) that arose in the process were investigated. At the same time, support options for institutions facing such a change were identified.

Project responsibility

Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister, Universität Kassel | more information»

Research assistant

Ernestine Dickhaut, M. Sc., Universität Kassel | more information»

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