The ZEVEDI-Verantwortungsblog focusses on the question of how well we are living together with digital technologies. It comments on the ambivalences, the control problems and the justifiability of digital change. What potentially critical technological consequences (and market effects) should be considered and discussed? Where are concerns appropriate? How does digitalisation fit in with freedom and democracy? What rules does a digital society need? What should we talk about – because it could become critical? Contributors are authors from the ZEVEDI network and guests.

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In the discourse project eFin & Democracy, we observe and discuss the digital transformation of money. It affects finance and government just as much as our everyday lives and the way we interact with each other. Our blog attempts to understand the upheavals and promote debate – also as part of our democracy. Project staff and guests write freely and in various forms about what they are learning and researching, what worries them and what fascinates them.

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