As of January 2022, about 50 active Principle Investigators are involved in the Hesse-wide ZEVEDI network. The scientists are affiliated with the university locations of Kassel, Marburg, Giessen, Fulda, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt. Some PIs participate in several groups and alliances of the centre:

A total of 10 PIs from Marburg, Giessen, Frankfurt and Darmstadt are participating in the topic

The Centre Responsible Digitality is organised as a virtual, Hesse-wide network. It links and bundles scientific expertise in the interdisciplinary field of digitality. For this purpose, participating scientists can use various collaboration and transfer formats. Cooperation is carried out across universities and university types. All Hessian universities and several Hessian universities of applied sciences are involved in current activities.

Board of directors

Director is Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring (philosophy of knowledge and technology as well as current references to digital policy, law and ethics).

Vice directors are Prof. Dr. Florian Möslein (Civil Law, German and European Business Law) and Prof. Dr. Anne Riechert (Law, Data Protection Law and Law in Information Processing).

Spokespersons of the project groups

Each project group is headed by two participating scientists from different universities in Hesse. These spokespersons are also involved in ZEVEDI’s project group plenum.


The ZEVEDI office is located at Technische Universität Darmstadt and headed by Dr. Christiane Ackermann. The office team supports the board of directors as well as ZEVEDI project groups in carrying out operational tasks. It also promotes activities in the areas of transfer and communication. Project teams assigned to externally funded projects are also integrated into the office, carrying out project-specific tasks.


Project Team EuroDaT

Project Team eFin & Democracy