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Marie Bröckling

Mercator-Journalist in Residence, April 2024

Marie Bröckling» is a freelance data journalist from Berlin.

She regularly reports on security policy, technology and China for German and international media. She also works as a producer for NBC News. Just recently, she lived in Hong Kong for two years, where she researched pro-China influencers. She was recently recognized by Medium Magazin as one of the “Top 30 under 30” journalists in Germany.


At ZEVEDI, Marie Bröckling is researching the question of how the judiciary deals with the growing amount of confiscated cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are subject to strong price fluctuations, so the timing of their sale is crucial. In addition, information about the illegal past of the seized cryptocurrencies is stored in the blockchain. It is therefore not easy to reintroduce them into the legal financial cycle. So far, there are no uniform rules on how seized cryptocurrencies should be resold.

Further information on the programme and application procedure can be found on the German language website».