“Modern Talking” – Contemporary History and Video Portraits on the Digitalized Finance Sector

Oberstaatsanwältin Jana Ringwald im Interview mit Rainer Lind

Video Screening & Panel Discussion

Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 18:00 CEST
Haus der Geschichte, Darmstadt

Opening: Dr. Peter Engels
Chairman of the Historische Verein für Hessen e.V.
Introduction: Dr. Philipp Gutbrod
Director of Mathildenhöhe Institute Darmstadt

In his video interviews, Rainer Lind creates portraits of people whom he meets unassumingly, gives space to and often elicits astonishing things from. As Mercator-Journalist in Residence» within the project „Democracy Issues of the Digitalized Finance Sector“» in March and April 2023 he is now once again bringing a colourful variety of people in front of the camera. Their lives, hobbies or professions have brought them into direct contact with the abysses and hopes associated with an increasingly digitalised financial world: from the crypto-enthusiast of the Bitcoin-Stammtisch in Darmstadt to the senior public prosecutor in Frankfurt, Jana Ringwald (photo), who fights cybercrime on a daily basis. By openly looking at a very specific subject of the present as well as the narration and everyday life of his interviewees, Rainer Lind always captures a piece of (Hessian) contemporary history at the same time. It has long been impossible to imagine the Darmstadt art scene without Rainer Lind.

Rainer Lind will present excerpts of his work in a short video screening. In the subsequent panel discussion, Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring (ZEVEDI / TU Darmstadt), academic director of the project, will discuss with Rainer Lind and Dr. Philip Gutbrod. The event is being held in cooperation with the Historischer Verein für Hessen e.V..

The event is held in German.