Mercator Journalist in Residence

Anissa Brinkhoff

Mercator-Journalist in Residence, May / July 2023

Anissa Brinkhoff (she/her) is a financial journalist and podcaster who advocates for the topics of female finance and financial education. As a freelance author and speaker, Anissa Brinkhoff» writes and speaks about finance and money. In workshops she seeks to motivate women to deal with their finances and personal retirement  arrangement themselves. She advises companies on financial podcasts or female finance,

In her own podcast Finance & Feelings», she analyses feelings about money, how the family background affects how we deal with money, which dependencies and interconnections there are, where injustices persist. She also uses her instagram channel» to discuss and explain finance in general and female finance specifically. Anissa Brinkhoff studied communication sciences and journalism in Münster and Hamburg and has now been living in Hamburg for over 10 years.


During her residency, she has investigated the question of whether women are sufficiently included in the digitalisation of finance. And whether the digital gap might exacerbate the existing gender gap in finance or in financial education.

The Residency – Input and Effects

■ Presentation and Talk with High School Students, Darmstadt, 16 Mai 2023 and the eFin-Blog-Article about it by Laura Grosser, 8 August 2023, of the same title : “Why we all should talk more about money”» (in German only)

■ Podcast Episode / Interview with Dr. Carola Westermeier : “The digital Euro is coming! How do you develop a new currency addressing and including everyone’s needs?”», 25 Juli 2023 (in German only)

■ Podcast Episode / Interview with Mareice Kaiser: “How do you talk about money if you don’t have any – and who is listening?”», 4 August 2023 (in German only)

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