Mercator Journalist in Residence

Rainer Lind

Mercator-Journalist in Residence, March/April 2023

Rainer Lind is an artist, has won multiple awards as such, is furthermore a musician and has been teaching at several schools and universites across Hesse.

As a video artist in particular, Rainer Lind» conducts and edits interviews in a very recognizable and reduced visual documentary style.In his portraits, he often sheds light on both his interview partners’ professional expertise and how it entertwines with or differs from their personal experiences and attitudes. That way, the content is made particularly accessible to diverse audiences. Rainer Lind’s work has often but not exclusively been in the field of civic education.

During his residency Rainer Lind has pursued an interview project on the topics at the heart of the discourse project “eFin & Democracy”. He has conducted in-depth interviews with people whose lives, hobbies and/or profession allow for different and sometimes unusual perspectives on the digitalised financial sector.

On May 16, the portraits from the residency were shown in an event in cooperation with the Historischer Verein für Hessen e.V.

More about the Event „Modern Talking“ – Contemporary History and Video Portraits on the Digitalized Finance Sector »

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