Bitcoin – Gefahr oder Bereicherung für unsere Gesellschaft?

eFin & Democracy: Public Lecture & Discussion in cooperation with Kultur einer Digitalstadt e. V. (KeD)

9 August 2022, Atelierhaus auf der Darmstädter Rosenhöhe

The current debate about cryptocurrencies is polarized. It is worth taking a look at the first cryptocurrency: Bitcoin actually began as an apolitical project. For more than 13 years, it has practiced independence from the power and scope of existing institutions. Through its progressive growth, however, it increasingly interacts with our society and thus ultimately becomes a political phenomenon. But with what consequences? Is free digital money destroying the state because it is taking away its monopoly over the currency and thus its sovereignty and power? Or does it enrich our democracy because it opens up new opportunities for participation and co-determination? And what possibilities are there to intervene in this ongoing process? The Mercator Journalist in Residence, Friedemann Brenneis, will present the results of his stay at Centre Responsible Digitality (ZEVEDI) and put them up for discussion. The event takes place in cooperation with the initiative Kultur einer Digitalstadt (KeD), which, among other things, maintains an Artist-in-Science-Resident program.

The lecture will be held in German.
It is requested that masks be worn indoors.
The number of participants is limited, registration via efin [at]

Tuesday, 9 August 2022, 18:00 CEST
Atelierhaus auf der Darmstädter Rosenhöhe
Ludwig-Engel-Weg 1

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